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Our Story


From a business school project to a garage-run business, to a thriving company, Dapper Bear has become Baylor’s premier clothing brand.

Founders Jackson and Eric Wren remark, "As students at Baylor, we were frustrated when we couldn’t find anything nice to wear that subtly suggested Baylor. We channeled that frustration into a business school project in Baylor’s Entrepreneurship program. Pretty soon, we realized we were onto something. Determined to make our project and dream a reality, we went on a mission to design good-looking clothing that subtly suggested our Green & Gold roots.

"Behind the scenes, Baylor had recently developed its Official Baylor Plaid in 2013. Evaluating what to do with the plaid, Baylor caught wind of our project. We pitched our business to the university, became the sole licensees of The Official Baylor Plaid—and Dapper Bear was born.

"We’ve grown tremendously and are thrilled to offer you the best-looking Green & Gold clothing out there. Show off your roots with the Official Baylor Plaid—you’ll be the best looking Bear on the block."

Now, Dapper Bear Clothiers is owned by Alton and Patricia Hassell. Fashion design is Mrs. Hassell's area of specialty, and they are both happy to continue the legacy that Jackson and Eric Wren started in 2013.

Dapper Bear Clothiers. The Official Baylor Plaid.