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Intern Spotlight: Rachel Iacoboni

April 21, 2020

Intern Spotlight: Rachel Iacoboni

A senior working towards an Apparel Design and Product Development major and a Business administration minor, Rachel has been our intern this Spring. We'd like to recognize her and all that she has contributed to Dapper Bear Clothiers!

Fashion design has been her passion since she was seven years old, "drawing dresses and clothing on napkins and any piece of paper [she] could find."

Her grandma taught her how to sew, which sparked an interest that led her to keep learning through local sewing classes and workshops on college campuses.

Her passion for designing and sewing pushed her through high school and onto college.

Ever since touring Baylor University as a junior in high school, she knew Baylor was where she wanted to go to school. She completed general education classes for two years at a community college and prayed for a miracle with finances that would get her to her college dream. "Out of the blue, I was able to get the funds I needed to go to Baylor right before the deadline. In three months, I was on Baylor's campus and studying my true passion, fashion design.

"Baylor was where my skills as a designer increased significantly. I went from knowing barely any design skills and knowledge to knowing so much more than I could imagine. All of a sudden, the design job descriptions I had always viewed but never understood started to make sense."

Dapper Bear fans, guess who the professor was for Rachel's first sewing class at Baylor in 2017?!

Mrs. Hassell!

"[Mrs. Hassell] is one of the most skilled seamstresses I have ever met, and on top of that, she was the best teacher anyone could ask for: patient, kind, and detailed. Everything started to make sense in her class. I will always remember the sewing skills I was taught and the notes left on my critiques. I remember what one of the notes said: 'You have the talent to make beautiful and wonderful things. I look forward to seeing what you create in the future.' That note motivated me to keep trying and keep working, even when it was difficult and when I became frustrated."

This passion and motivation has brought her to her final semester at Baylor before she completes her degree!

She was able to join Mrs. Hassell and Dapper Bear as an intern this Spring. "I knew that I would learn so much from [Mrs. Hassell], both in apparel design and in business. I was excited when she shared her idea to do a Dapper Bear plaid diploma frame and that I would be able to help throughout the process by researching producers and choosing the best product."

"This experience has been life-changing as I have learned so many new business skills and how to go through the design process. I cannot thank Mrs. Hassell and Dapper Bear Clothiers enough for this opportunity to be a part of something so special and dear to my heart. Baylor is a special school, the Hassell’s are special professors to this amazing school, and Dapper Bear Clothiers is a special brand that gets to support our Baylor community." That could not have been said better.

Mrs. Hassell remarks, "It as been a joy to work with Rachel this semester. She has really been an asset to Dapper Bear since she is constantly creating new ideas and new products. In many ways, we have learned more from her than she has learned from us.

"I knew when I first met Rachel that she had a special talent and would be highly successful. She has not failed in those expectations.

"Rachel, we want to say, 'Congratulations for being chosen Outstanding Apparel Design student for this year. We are so proud of your many accomplishments, and we only wish we could be attending your graduation next month.'"

If you know Rachel, be sure to congratulate her for her accomplishments and thank her for her contributions to Dapper Bear Clothiers!


Did you see our new product announcement last week?!

The Baylor Plaid Diploma Frame is one product that Rachel helped us with and is available now!